GST Registration

We guide & assist you to ensure timely and prompt registration to enable compliance.

GST Health Check

We analyze your data and advise you on any control lapses and risks so as you may avoid penalties for non-compliance.

GST Return filing

We effect accurate filing of monthly or quarterly returns on your behalf.

GST ASK Annual Review

We assist with your application for or renewal of specific GST schemes.

PK Consultancies, Singapore


We are an Accredited Tax Adviser (GST).

We provide quality services at competitive fees. As a professional GST consultant, we help our clients adhere to regulatory compliance requirements set by IRAS and ensure delivering an effective Singapore taxation service.


20+ years of Experience

Proven track record

Enjoy zero or reduced penalties


Trusted GST Tax advisor

Client Service

Personalized Services


On-time & fast service


Accountability & Committed

Client satisfaction

Quality corporate service

Cost effective

Reasonable service fees

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